PERFECT8 Technologies provides a full range of custom services and design options to meet your unique requirements. We listen carefully to your input and provide products and services accordingly to suit your lifestyle and personality.

To approach the point where you are sitting back comfortably in your new super surroundings, simply contact us to start discussing your unique requirements, and our assessment will then be transformed into a number of exclusive options designed specifically for your approval. We take pride in paying constant attention to the customer’s requirements and wishes.

Our high-tech production perfected through years of research, patience, and studies, combined with the craftsman’s traditional skill and care will deliver all the excellence you desire.

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The Force

The Force Center

The Point

The Cube

The Amp 1000
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Perfection by Design

Custom Services

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Surround Sound

Box Loudspeakers

Symmetrical Radiation

Zero compromizes

Super silent glass (SSG)

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