Enter your private jazz club where your favorite singer materializes holographically and sings with a rich and husky voice, carried by the strong, eager contrabass and the whisper from the drums. THE CUBE is an incredible performer with unique appeal, personality and charm – you will simply not believe that such a tiny speaker can be the source of such a grandiose experience.

THE CUBE is the smallest member of the PERFECT8 product family. The appealing design of THE CUBE seems to contradict its stunning performance. As with all PERFECT8 products there are zero trade-offs – only a perfect synthesis of science and art.

THE CUBE system is the ideal choice for achieving a superior listening experience when there are design, size and/or placement constraints. THE CUBE will also excell as a center and/or surround speakers in a home theater system.

Created from the same superior quality super silent glass (SSG) as all of the PERFECT8 product line, featuring our exclusive scratch resistant Diamond Gold, and 10 inch precision kevlar/glass/carbon fiber composite cone woofers with ultra linear magnetic drive, the naturalness and energy output from THE CUBE defies belief – simply awe-inspiring!

The Force

The Force Center

The Point

The Cube

The Amp 1000 Subwoofer Ed


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Loudspeaker of the Year 2014

by AVShowrooms


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The Force

The Force Center

The Point

The Cube

The Amp 1000
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