Every loudspeaker designer starts out working from certain principles and techniques which he believes to be right. The reason speakers are different is because there is no general consensus about which of those principles and techniques represent The True Path.

Each approach carries its own set of trade-offs and drawbacks and changing the approach is merely a case of trading one set of compromizes for another. The PERFECT8 THE FORCE is really the ultimate sound source, because with its patent pending truly innovative design, there are zero compromizes!

The PERFECT8 product line is the result of extensive research and innovative thinking. Many innovations were required in order to master all the challenges presented by this brand new chapter in speaker building technology.

"With this truly innovative design of THE FORCE, there are zero compromizes"

In addition to the exclusive Super silent glass (SSG) technology, a large number of exciting innovations were developed in order to make this dream excel in reality. In an ideal transducer only perfectly controlled diaphragms should produce sound and no other parts of the system should be allowed to vibrate. This dream of every serious speaker designer has finally been achieved through the following key technologies.

Key Technologies

  • A new type of glass structure that features an unparalleled combination of rigidity, mass, and damping.

  • A new open baffle arrangement that allows for an extremely rigid fixation of the drivers in space without obstruction to the rear.

  • A unique driver mounting technique that directly clamps the magnetic drive, thus eliminating structural resonances.

  • A strategic combination of open glass baffles and closed glass enclosures that avoids cavity resonances and non-linear friction losses of damping materials.

  • Flexible active compensation of inevitable linear distortion and room interaction.

  • Especially developed ribbon and cone drivers that feature perfectly controlled moving parts virtually free from energy storage within their pass band.

  • A special frequency dependent radiation pattern that radically reduces the detrimental impact of the listening room and recreates the acoustics of the original venue.

A prerequisite for the creation of such ultra high performance was the development of innovative measurement techniques that reveal new types of distortion mechanisms, closely correlated with the character of the human auditory system.

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Many people have asked about our Super Silent Glass (SSG) technology so we have decided to publish the following study with further information. Enjoy!

Download the study (PDF, 572 kb)


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